Version 5.7.0-b1


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Released: 04/May/23

Release Notes

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MajorStoryCORE-2401Quotation SystemAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorNew FeatureCORE-3939Proxmox: Add support for LXC virtualization typeJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorNew FeatureCORE-4254Gateway: Coinbase CommerceAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4644Import Manager: Add WHMCS mapping file for CentovaCastAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4706Import Manager: Domains imported from WHMCS should now use the Generic Domains moduleUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4733When staff void an invoice, show a confirm dialog with message if the invoice has any pending services associatedAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4734Order: Add a client profile widget for ordersAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorBugCORE-4739Domain Manager: Add push to client option like services within the domains widgetJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4740Enom: Pricing sync is not based on TLD cost but price defined within Enom account.Abdy FrancoClosed
MajorNew FeatureCORE-4742Module: ConnectReseller Domain RegistrarAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4743Order: Allow only alphanumeric and some special characters in the order form labelAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4745Mass Mailer: Match clients with no language when filtering on default languageAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorBugCORE-4751Domain Manager: Admin renew domain in advance should first update the domains termAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorBugCORE-4753Record Payment does not validate the length of the transaction ID stringAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4776Prevent emails to empty recipient listJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorTaskCORE-4780Update Session handler for better PHP 8.1 compatibilityAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4786Send flag for service activation in Services.addAfter and Services.editAfter eventsAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4793Quotation System: DatabaseAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4794Quotation System: ModelAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4795Quotation System: NavigationAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4796Quotation System: WidgetsAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4797Quotation System: Add/EditAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4798Quotation System: AutomationAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4799Quotation System: Convert to InvoiceAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4800Quotation System: View/DownloadAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorSub-taskCORE-4801Quotation System: EmailsAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorNew FeatureCORE-4804Service renewal attempt managementJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorImprovementCORE-4817Domain renewals should insert "Domain Renewal" in the invoice line item instead of "Domain Registration"Abdy FrancoClosed
MajorTaskCORE-4830System Status: Check that error reporting and debugging are disabledJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4835Order: Cache directory cannot be createdJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4838Import Manager: Domain import doesn't handle expired domains properlyJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4849OpenSRS: Name Servers don't appear without DNS ManagementAbdy FrancoClosed
MajorBugCORE-4850Order: TOS not validated on orderJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4851Pterodactyl: Egg variable regex validation not workingJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4869Config option logic rejects field with condition based on multi-selectJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4871Config option logic loaded for non-displayed optionsJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MajorBugCORE-4872OVH Domains: TLD Price sync doesn't work for EUR pricingJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
MinorImprovementCORE-4837NameCheap: Their API doesn't support IPv6, add exceptionJonathan ReissmuellerClosed
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